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Re: 6mm/10mm/15mm - ideas from the internet

Postby Malika » Sat Aug 18, 2018 4:54 pm

We've been getting some questions regarding the stock, so here's a quick update:
What's happening here at VGM update.

Receiving a lot of mail asking after various products so I thought i'd roll out a quick state of play update.

Currently on order and or awaiting delivery, Onslaught minis latest releases plus a general re-stock but with the sheer size of Onslaughts range now I have had to priorities which items to re-stock first, another order for those items I could not afford this time round should be submitted next month.

Wasteland Games re-stock is currently casting, no idea on an ETA on this order as of yet. The re-stock of the 3mm resin buildings from Gregster's Lab are also in production as well as the 6mm shanties, an initial small re-stock should be with me soon with the rest to follow once the resin supplier delivers.

Troublemaker Games plastic terrain sets are also on re-order and expected very soon.

I have several new 3mm and 6mm items coming out over the coming weeks myself plus a continuous flow of re-stock items are coming in most weeks.

Kind regards John

Also, another teaser of the Eagle Dropship:
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