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Pressure cast resins

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Pressure cast resins

Postby paulson games » Fri Oct 23, 2009 7:00 pm

I've been casting a few models for modification which I didn't want to cut into the original metals and also to refine my casting techniques using the pressure system. I think I've hit pretty much a pinacle of what the small garage pressure cast system is capable of the only way to get a cleaner model will be to drop for spin casting equipment. It may be possible to build some home made equipment which I plan to be experiment with.

Sicarius cast converted to a black templar:


The blades are ragged as the metals were pretty rough I'll be correcting them before he gets paint.

Here's stalker drones based on the infinity models, these actually we done as my first project before I had the pressure system but came out well as the parts are all generally thicker and didn't catch too many bubbles.


In progress dawn of war styled Shas'o:
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