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Sculpting Lexicon

PostPosted: Wed Oct 28, 2009 10:42 pm
by Warhound
After a discussion with Mangozac, it occurred to me that we were using terms and anacronym's that some people may not be familiar with, therefore please observe the following terms that will most likely be used on the site:

GS- green stuff/ Kneadatite. The most common two part epoxy putty for sculpting.
S or Sculpey- a Polymer base putty that needs to be baked to cure.
MP or Milliput- a two part putty coming in 3 different grades, very hard when cured
SS or Super sculpey- a finer version of S, that takes more detail, cures harder and is tan in colour (this can be changed by adding Primo S to the mix
Curing- the process whether it be chemical reaction or heat based to allow a putty to set.
A 'Key'- If a surface is smooth like glass, it is said to have a poor KEY. By sanding, gouging or filing a surface allows other elements to create a firmer bond when subsequently attached. This works for paint also.

I will add terms as they arise....


Re: Sculpting Lexicon

PostPosted: Sat Jan 29, 2011 2:10 am
by Dragonforge
One I always see that confuses people is Plastic card, plasticard, Polystyrene plastic, styrene sheet plastic... All the same material but depending on location called different names.

Common Manufacturers' of sheet, strip, rod, tubing,textured sheets..

Other sculpting Materials/puttys

Brown Stuff - is the brown version of Kneedatite. Cures very hard

Magic Sculpt a hard curing Epoxy putty for sculpting.

Avies Apoxie Sculpt a hard curing Epoxy Putty for sculpting, certified Non toxic so they claim.