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Safety concern

PostPosted: Mon Aug 29, 2016 10:12 pm
by Third3eb687
I live in Sydney, so some of these items might not be available in the US, but hope you can help me with some advice anyway.
Yesterday I did a resinart painting outside with an epoxy reasn called ResinGlass by a company called Barnes. I used about 800 ml total after being mixed, and was wearing gloves, goggles, and a Protector RP2VR2 class P2GV respirator... Said to be for fumes, dust, etc and organic ones too, so I thought this was the right choice for my resin work.
Come the next day my throat is sore and irritated, getting a bit mucousy in my mouth. and now my chest is feeling sore a bit. Could this be from the fumes somehow? Or is anxiety getting to me? Im concerned because wveryrhing i read said the effects get worse over time for up to about a month...? I used the respirator the whole time while working, but i had to go out and pick some dirt off my painting every now and then over the coming hours after i finished as it was a bit if a windy day. I didnt use the mask for this or during my cleanup.
Should i be concerned or does this happen sometimes? I had done a class about a month earlier with a different brand of epoxy resin with no issues.

Thanks for the advice!