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Postby Warhound » Sun Oct 25, 2009 12:43 am

Hello new member,

This is the only serious part of this site, and it needs to be. The aim of this site is to propagate some extreme modelling, and this will involve various techniques from pinning to scoring to sculpting and to casting.

Obviously, casting and casting techniques are a big part of the site and we believe that advanced modelling simply requires the casting of some components for personal use only. But the topic of casting in terms of this website/forum can be broken down into three categories:
  • Casting techniques
  • Casting of 100% scratchbuilt/sculpted components
  • Casting of modified components
  • Casting of components that contains primarily others' IP.
Due to the sensitive nature of this topic, we request that you read the following points and ensure that when you post, you have considered the nature of your content.

Casting techniques
Obviously there is no problem with the discussion of casting techniques in general - this includes mould making, casting, materials and processes such as pressure and vacuum degassing. So long as there is no details of the subject being cast then the topic of casting techniques is open and free.

Casting of 100% scratchbuilt/sculpted components
Again, if the components being cast are 100% the person's own work then discussion of the casting is open. Note it is obviously rare that a model is built using 100% scratchbuilt parts and many of us for example love the Kotobukiya Modelling Support Goods.
It is our understanding is that there is a grey area here, in that so long as parts are sufficiently modified then it is ok for them to be reproduced. For example casting and selling the Koto sprues in whole would be a no-no but using individual parts in a larger model is ok.
Basically anything that has not been modified at all and then cast (for example a space marine helmet) is a no-no, if it has been modified, then see below.

Casting Modified Components
This is a very grey area which ultimately comes down to how good your lawyer is at arguing in court. The bottom line comes down to how you plan to use the pieces: if it's for personal use then it's free reign. For commercial use this is a no-no.

Casting of components that contains primarily others' IP
This one is the danger one and something we cannot have on the website. For example, blatant reproduction of entire miniatures. Any content that is deemed by the Collaborators or Mods to be in breach of IP law, whether it be design OR casting, will be removed immediately. We will listen to appeals on this, but ultimately the decision lies with us. Likewise if we have any complaints from 'owners' of IP, the same action will apply.

We believe that recasting individual components of a purchased model for personal use only is the right of anybody with casting skills. We cannot however have such activities discussed on the forum because this falls into a very grey legal area.

This is for your protection, as much as ours.

NOTE: Discussion of blatant unauthorised recasting of anybody else's product is not permitted - we know that this goes on but please don't discuss it here.

There is one final topic that should also be mentioned:

Casting of Resin Addict IP
Since it is our belief that recasting of parts for personal use is the right of anybody with casting skills, it would sound hypocritical of us to tell you not to do the same with anything you have purchased from a Resin Addict Collaborator. In fact if you modify and then recast one of our parts for your own use I'm sure we'll be nothing but supportive. We do have one unofficial condition though: that you contact the creator of the part you are reproducing and let them know. This isn't to ask for permission but rather to keep them informed as to who is doing what with their parts.

BUT like from any other manufacturers recasting part of or entire models for commercial use is highly prohibited. Don't do it! Anyone found to be making blatant copies of RA IP will be immediately dealt with.

Note that when I refer to RA IP, I am referring to the IP that belongs to an RA Collaborative member. itself holds no claims to any of the products or IP and is simply an umbrella brand that all of the collaborators' products are marketed through.

Heavy, eh? Not so much- common sense we are sure will prevail, and we hope that at worst, we only have to advise. If there are any disagreements, please refer the matter to a Mod/Collaborative member immediately and do not let debate overrun the said thread.

Now- let's get playing!! ENJOY!

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