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Postby Warhound » Wed Oct 21, 2009 9:53 pm

Welcome to the Polymer Institute.

We hope after spending some time with us, you will come to view that the errors in your ways are mere human condition... We all need a little help sometimes.

In order to make your stay more comfortable, please fill out the below registration form, giving us your details.This form allows us to identify your specific needs, without it, we would run the risk of miss-diagnosing you and this could prove fatal.

ALSO, please make sure that you read the Terms and Conditions at the bottom of this page and most importantly the ESSENTIAL READING thread, posted next to this thread. This will fully explain the way this site will work and what constitutes prohibited content.

Please copy and paste it into a new thread in the "Admittance Forms" subforum and then read the rest of this page:


What brings you to the Polymer Institute?

What treatment would you like?

How did you hear about us?

Medical (hobby) history:

What would you say your addictions are?

Have you received any treatment before and what was your experience? (other sites/ Hobby stores etc)

What games do you like to play?

Do you have any special needs?

Consent: In the event of a hobby emergency, who should we contact?

In addition to the above information, your admittance form also needs some photographic identification: please include one or two pictures of what you would deem to be your "signature projects" - projects that you are most proud of or well known because of.

Getting to know your way around the Hospital

Waiting room: Any general discussion. This can be anything, but please keep it clean and remember to stay on topic. Think of it as the coffee lounge.

Dr Polymer: Any modelling/painting questions go in here. One of our Attending Residents will get back to you as soon as possible, or indeed share your knowledge and experience.

Laboratory: RA Collaborators will post special WIP shots in this forum. All residents will be able to comment, but not add their own threads.

Clinic: Modelling/sculpting/painting: Project logs for member projects.

Solitary: A gallery for completed member projects

Advisory: Modelling/resin health and safety and resource articles.

Polymer Institute: Terms and Conditions of internment

The Polymer Institute is here to provide you with a sanctuary from the outside world. Not everyone appreciates the pain, misery and obsession that resin addiction and reliance on Plasti-crack can bring. Here though, we aim to make your stay comfortable and educate you where possible on how to manage your addictions.

Please feel free to call this your home, put your Blogs up and relax, safe in the knowledge that we are here to look after you.

In order to make your stay an enjoyable one, we would ask that you observe the following terms and conditions for the comfort of you and your fellow patients.

1: Please treat all fellow patients with the same courtesy and consideration that you would expect yourself. No poo-ing in your neighbours hat, 'because it's funny'.

2: When your fellow patients bring items to 'show and tell' sessions, please be mindful that even in their weakened state, they have spent time and care on their projects. We invite constructive comments and critique in the vein of self- progression. Only through intelligent remarks can we improve ourselves, it does not help when Benny calls Steven "a doofus". Profanity will be punished, so please be aware that there may be Children visiting us on a daily basis.

3: As part of your rehabilitation, we will be checking your basic skills, so please ensure that when you communicate with other ward mates that you use the proper English, Grammar and punctuation. NO ONE LIKES TO BE SHOUTED AT, do they Steve?

4: We like the halls and corridors to be filled with the sound of pleasant conversation- please only speak if you have something to constructive and appropriate to say and only in the forum that it is appropriate.

5: On a serious note, we at the Polymer institute heavily respect the Intellectual (Property) rights of our guests and the institutes 'sponsors'. No challenge is intended and given notification, all offending materials and in-mates will be removed from the ward immediately.
6: We also need to point out that the Polymer Institute is able to treat resin and modelling addiction only. References to any other drugs are frowned upon and may be removed at the Warden's discretion.

Avatars and Signatures
In order to give users a sufficient degree of personalisation, we have enabled the use of both Avatars and Signatures in the forum.

Avatars will be hosted off-site (except for collaborative members and valued members, who will be given the option of a locally hosted avatar) and must be less than or equal to 80 pixels by 80 pixels in size. Animated avatars are not permitted as they are simply too distracting.

Signatures are allowed and these may contain links but not images. Links must not be commercial and retain some degree of relevance to this site.

Technical Questons
If you have any questions of a technical nature regarding the site or forums, please direct them to your friendly Administrator and Code Warrior, Mangozac: mangozac@ [the name of this site] .com

We hope that you enjoy your stay.


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