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Galactic Knignts in Аncient Great Armour

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Galactic Knignts in Аncient Great Armour

Postby Lane » Sun Feb 05, 2012 4:43 am

Just received these minis from irina_est and have to say they are as great as the Egyptian themed set.

These will make great Pre-Herresy or Artificer conversions.

Sculpts are well done in a archaic mechanical style. Less ornate than the Egyptian set but still has a high detail level. The torsos are modified enough that it's less obvious it was sculpted over a GW figure. Shoulder pads, helmets and detail bits are original sculpts though the helmets have Gray Knight and Mk 2-3 influences.

Kit contains five head/ torso sets, five pairs of shoulder pads that can be used on any torso, Horse hair plumes, targeter/ auspex bits, heraldic shields and those little roman tassel things.
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