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Space wolf bust

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Space wolf bust

Postby Munkey Joe » Sat Oct 27, 2012 10:37 am

This is Kind of a Kit find and Kind of a Looking for thread.... I Have been on a Bust kick lately and I recently found a beautiful Space wolf bust i am wanting....

Now i have seen this in person ONE TIME from a friends collection But she got it from basically a drug deal and it went through several hands before she got it. I googled for some info and I got some info on the sale of it but no one "respectable" in my opinion (meaning I do not know them and Its not in a store). Heres what My research has turned up:

Incredible sculpting space marine bust size 1:6, made by Joaquim Palacios, painted by oils and acryls.
Eternal thanks to Mr. Palacios who sent this unique item for me!
Hope you like it, any comments are welcome!
Thanks for your comments! I was buying this bust from the sculptor himself (Mr. Palacios) and i do not know any other source.

And an Australian modeling forum here:
scale 1:6 (kit)
price: 30 euros
shipping: to Europe-ordinary post 6,10 e
-certificate post,with tracking number 8,30 e
to USA,Canada,Australia .etc- ordinary post 9,60 e
-certificate post,with tracking number-11,90 e
...for more details,please PM

Thats it. SO I was wondering if anyone here knew Mr Victor, from Aussie Modeller Forums and if he had a good rep, OR knew how to get in contact with him other than joining an Aussie forum for just a order.

OR even better if someone knew of a place that this is sold. With international shipping if its not in America. :mrgreen:
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Re: Space wolf bust

Postby mangozac » Tue Oct 30, 2012 8:25 am

The level of detail in busts makes them really cool and this one is no exception. There's just something about the facial expression that doesn't sit well with me. He looks like he's from the Apathy Marines Chapter :P
Oh yeah I can make that....
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Re: Space wolf bust

Postby Munkey Joe » Tue Oct 30, 2012 9:25 am

Yea Im the same Zac... I was gonna sculpt a beard on him to cover it up!!! LOL
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Munkey Joe
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