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Marketplace Rules

Post anything you'd like to buy or sell here, including links to eBay auctions. No illegal recasts!

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Marketplace Rules

Postby mangozac » Mon Jan 31, 2011 7:51 am

This is the Marketplace subforum. Use it for listing anything you'd like to buy or sell and we'll see if we can all help each other out. There are a couple of rules though to make sure everything runs smoothly:

  1. Established Members Only
    Only established Resin Addict members are allowed to advertise their wares in The Marketplace. An established member is somebody who has given an appropriate amount of input to the site and will have a post count of greater than 25. Users with less than 25 posts will not be able to start a new thread in The Marketplace, however they will be able to reply to existing threads.
  2. Organisation
    For those members running commercial businesses please keep all new product announcements in a single "What's New from XXX" thread. Otherwise for personal sales please keep one item or batch of items per thread.
  3. No Recasts
    This one is pretty self explanatory - if you've recast something that isn't your own work we don't condone it and it is not welcome to be listed here.
  4. Edit Listing as Items Are Sold
    So that people can easily see what is still available please edit the post as each item is sold.
  5. Links to eBay Listings
    Linking to your eBay listings is fine, but please refrain from starting a new thread for each one.
  6. Resin Addict Holds No Responsibility
    Just a boring disclaimer. We at Resin Addict hold no responsibility over the listings made here and dealing with people is done at your own risk.

Thanks and good luck!
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