Dragonforges for Sale List

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Dragonforges for Sale List

Postby Dragonforge » Wed Feb 02, 2011 1:09 pm

I will use this thread to post models I am selling.

My name is Jeff Wilhelm, contact email is dragonforge@gmail.com

Please contact me via PM or email if you are seriously interested.

Payment is with Pay Pal, Not looking for trades.

Shipping is with US Mail, I will ship world wide.


Nothing has been built, all un assembled.

Forge World Kits

Unlike everything else Im selling, I have an Armageddon Pattern Basalisk Built and assembled. I wish to sell. Not sure how much. Id prefer to discuss it with the buyer if interested.
Forge world link

I did some super detailing as this was intended to be a GD Golden Demon entry but I don't have the time to work on entries these days.

If interested send me a PM.

DKK-Super Heavy Tank Upgrade IA-DKK-T-023 $15.00 Unbuilt Kit

1 Box Space Wolves Pack-Multi part Plastic kit. Complete. Price $30.00

1 Box Space Ork Stormboys - Multi Part Plastic Kit Complete. Price $20.00

1 Ork Boss Zagstruk Metal Model Complete Price $17.50

1 Box Space Marine Assault Squad - Multi Part Plastic Kit Price $22.00

1 Chaos Defiler Multi Part Plastic Kit Price $50.00
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