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Dragonforges for Sale List

PostPosted: Wed Feb 02, 2011 1:09 pm
by Dragonforge
I will use this thread to post models I am selling.

My name is Jeff Wilhelm, contact email is

Please contact me via PM or email if you are seriously interested.

Payment is with Pay Pal, Not looking for trades.

Shipping is with US Mail, I will ship world wide.


Nothing has been built, all un assembled.

Forge World Kits

Unlike everything else Im selling, I have an Armageddon Pattern Basalisk Built and assembled. I wish to sell. Not sure how much. Id prefer to discuss it with the buyer if interested.
Forge world link

I did some super detailing as this was intended to be a GD Golden Demon entry but I don't have the time to work on entries these days.

If interested send me a PM.

DKK-Super Heavy Tank Upgrade IA-DKK-T-023 $15.00 Unbuilt Kit

1 Box Space Wolves Pack-Multi part Plastic kit. Complete. Price $30.00

1 Box Space Ork Stormboys - Multi Part Plastic Kit Complete. Price $20.00

1 Ork Boss Zagstruk Metal Model Complete Price $17.50

1 Box Space Marine Assault Squad - Multi Part Plastic Kit Price $22.00

1 Chaos Defiler Multi Part Plastic Kit Price $50.00