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Designing ships [possible BFG scale]

Projects using digital modelling and 3D printing

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Re: Designing ships [possible BFG scale]

Postby Malika » Sat Jan 12, 2019 9:20 am

Just throwing this here...

Novan Elites Felis Class Stealth Ship x 4 - £5.00
Felis Class stealth ships are used by Novan Elite forces for special missions and deep recon operations and carry special ordinance amongst their arsenal. A small reasonably well armoured vessel the Felis relies heavily on its stealth technology to evade detection. A black ops ship more than a front line combat vessel it nevertheless has proven its worth in many campaigns the length and breadth of Commonwealth space.

Set contains:

4 x Felis stealth ship hulls
4 x optional wings sets

Model length: 31mm ... -ship-x-4/
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