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Links to the outside world..

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Links to the outside world..

Postby Warhound » Thu Oct 22, 2009 8:31 am

........ Just remember- you are not self admitted and so until your release, this is the only place where you will be able to sniff fresh air- make the most of it patient!" SLAM!

These windows are far from the definitive list of wonderful websites and blogs that make our model-addled world go around, but they are areas that we have deemed fit for you to view.

Please treat their sites with the respect that you would respect ours.

We hope that with all the facilities provided here, you will never need to leave, but, if while walking the grounds, you come across another site of similar calibre, please let us know and we will add it to the itinary.

ForgeWorld- Tanks, flyers, troops and resin heaven!
Smartmax-Some of the finest and craziest sculpts around!
Soda pop miniatures
Perry miniatures
Infinity the Game
Knightmodels- marvel and other sculpts
blackscorpion miniatures
Heresy Miniatures
Hasslefree Miniatures
Pig Iron- used for proxy WW imperial guard parts
Microart Studios
Studio Mcvey- the God and his Wife return!
Helldorado fine, grotesque sculpts
Avatars of War
Kallamity- some of the best scratch mecha around!
Incursion- Weird WarII
JMD Miniatures- some great sculpts!
Ultraforge- fantasy resins
Enigma miniatures- Fantasy stand in- but the best there is!
Reapermini -online

PEER SITES (painting and gaming open forums and personal blogs)
Spanish Team- what out for their chickens!
French Waaagh- some of the finest armies around
Jeremie Bonamont Teboule
Hortwerth and his crazy army sculpts
Canadian Team
Demonwinner- THE definitive website of GD winners
Thomas David
Miniature Factory
Cyril Abati- the man leaves NO brush strokes!
Chest of colours
Lost in the Warp
Librarium online
Scifi meshes
Victoria Lamb
Studio Giraldes- Infinity painter!
Jakob Rune Neilsen- a gentleman and Genius!
Work in porgress
Dave Taylor miniatures- creator of the awesome stalk tank!
Full repent- mad French!
Matthew Fontaine
Allan Carrasco
Platoon Britannica- Team Britain
The sculptors Corner
Dust- the game
Under the Couch
Tempus Fugitives- gaming and tournaments forum
Team Toulouse- French team
The War-forge
Fichtenfoo- an originator of Japanese mecha and great modelling!
Plamo-outthere..Plastic modelling in all its forms
Ultrawerke- great modelling blog and how to's

Bell of lost souls- round up of all GW rumours
Tabletopgamingnews- all rumours from most manufacturers
From the Warp

Advanced Tau Tactica- we call her mummy
Kompletely Kroot- all things quilled!
Bolter and chainsword- all things Marines
Warpshadow- all things Tyranid
The Waaagh- All things Ork
Exterminatus- Spacehulk Forum
Hive Fleet Moloch- Marco Shulze's Tyranids
Eastern Empire- Our Own Seb's work on the Tau
The Our Own Seb's work on the Lost chapter
Ironhands- Adeptus Mechanicum
Heresy online- Where things are no lighter in the 31st millenium
Tactical Wargames- Epic joy!
Tau Empire forums
Pyramid Vault- Lizardmen country
The C'tan Support group- shiny happy Necrons
The Great Crusade- pre-heresy forum!
Master of the forge- great artscale marines

TUTORIALS Advice and how to's on various aspects of the hobby

How to mix your own colours
Big scale models- if you need to know how to do anything- check here first!
Mechanical phenomenan- how to cast, cleanly! Mold making tutorial videos!
How to work with Brass etch
How to use pigments by MIG
Using Magic sculp..

Plasticard vehicle templates
Dragon Forge- flawless resin bases and other materials! German miniatures line
Sculpey- the home of the sculptors putty
Vallejo Paints- home
Tiranti- Uk based sculptors paradise anyone for the dentist chair! tools supplier home
Plastruct- plasticard needs met!
4D modelshop- UK supplier
Shapeways- 3D prototyping great scenery and tools!
Alumilite supplier for the UK
Scenic Express- great tufts of fire!- GW will be selling this soon!
Hirst arts- cast your own scenery! resin bases
Armorcast- the phoenix forgeworld
Calibre35- awesome rivetness!
Digital photography and Photoshop skills
Woodland scenics
Crafty computer paper- for self printing transfers
Sylmasta- all putty supplier
Tom Meir blog- the daddy of sculpting!
Quantum Gothic- Robert cirillo's own scenic line!
Kits unboxed- resin review site
The Club House- sculptors forum
Chaos bunny studios- commissions and resin bases
Ebob miniatures: sculpting dollies -little too small for 40k scale, but ideal for practising Coatd'arms paints (the original manufacturer of GW paints
Netmerchants: All things hobby- great for disposables and tools
Elgreco miniatures- suppliers of Magic sculp and historic models, scenery etc
Minicraft tools -the 'other Dremel'
Squires- UK based tool supplier

PARTS PROCUREMENT (bitz boxes and specialised parts stores)
Maxmini- resin and metal bases and accesories
Tinsbits- parts service
Craftworld games- parts service
Bitzbox- parts service
Bitzbarn- parts service
cbart miniatures
Iron Halo- some cool resin stuff!
The parts service
The Warstore- some great scenery!
Dust store- greif lenses, plus loadsa other cool stuff!
Wave Option parts- catalogue
Models for sale- Brass shells and plenty more (UK)

Paul Bonner!!
Karl Kopinski
Adrian Smith
Stefan kopinski
Paul Jeacock- concept art
Soda pop concept artist
ninya mikhaila- Period costume
Solegends- best catalogue of all the metal that GW has ever put out- and some never released!
Deviant art- 2D at its best!
Tau concept art from the last re-write
Keith Thompson art- crazy!
Eleves mines
Scifi- meshes fluff tastic!
Storm the castle- at a glance look at each putty and its properties
Steel Battalion concept art! Big Mecha..
Aswars- Scifi art by the hands of a Japanese genius
Ukitakumuki- Concept art; dark and mecha
Phil Sibbering- a fresh take on 40k visuals
Steam Punk workshop- RL madness with a brass finesse!
Digital colour theory
Colourblender- for those who like to see sworls the master of Appleseed 3D realisation
MIG Productions forums - some insane modelling
Concept Robots - a blog of cool robot concept art
Concept Ships - another cool concept art blog. Not for the bandwidth sensitive!
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