When the concept of Resin Addict was first devised, the primary emphasis was on a community of like-minded hobbyists. A major part of this was to provide a gateway for boutique kits created and produced by collaborative members, however we unfortunately never really got to that point (I guess mainly because everybody’s real life responsibilities got in the way).

Things began to change over the last year or so as new Resin Addict forum members began showing off some cool semi-commercial projects they were working on. I decided that now was the time to revive the collaborative concept and through the marketing genius of my good mate Sebastian Stuart Resin Addict Co-Labs was born.

Co-Labs is a multi-directional play on words:

  • Collaborative projects between Resin Addict members
  • Co-operation
  • Laboratory, as in experimental. This is a big experiment after all!

In short, Co-Labs is all about connecting talented creators with skilled producers, along with any mix of the two. It’s different from other garage kit collaborative ventures as we are focused on kits for which the primary market is the wargamer rather than the model collector (although many Co-Lab kits will appeal equally to both). In addition, Co-Labs projects will be produced by several different casting services rather than just one dedicated service.


Co-Lab Members

The current list of Co-Lab Members is:


The Co-Lab Seal of Approval

Not just anybody can decide to be a Co-Lab member. Membership is by invitation only, and invitation is only to those who have proven themselves to be dedicated, talented hobbyists. The Co-Lab logo can only be used on projects that have featured collaboration between two or more Co-Lab Members and even then is only granted for projects which meet the stringent quality requirements (both in design and production) that we regard so highly here at Resin Addict.