How do I place an order?
Each product page will have individual instructions on how to purchase that product. Most kits are sold via third parties and therefore the product page will present a link to the product page on their shopping cart.

Can I pay using a method other than Paypal?
Unfortunately no. While many people complain about Paypal (sometimes justified), the fact is that it remains the safest, easiest way to do commerce online. Bank deposits for international customers are fraught with hidden fees and simply not worth the headache.

Who is Resin Addict?
Mangozac is the founder and owner of Resin Addict, however none of this would be possible without the valued members of the Resin Addict Forum and our Co-Labs Members.

Where is Resin Addict physically located?
The Resin Addict Shop is an online presence only – we have no physical shopfront. While Mangozac is located in Queensland, Australia, Co-Labs kits are generally produced and distributed by one of our collaborative casters in either the UK or US.

What are Co-Labs projects?
Read all about it on the Co-Labs Page.

How do I contact Resin Addict Shop?
You can contact us through the Contact Form. Sorry but in an effort to cut down on spam emails we prefer not to list email addresses.

I’d like to collaborate with someone on a project. What do I do?
In general the Co-Labs group is by invitation only, however we are happy to receive applications if you feel you can fit in.

First you need to assess what you can offer. Can it fit in with what we do here? Is your style and subjects appropriate (remember most of our kits are intended for both the general modeller and the discerning 28mm wargamer alike). You will need to provide photographic examples of your past work (artwork, proof of modelling and/or casting ability, etc.).
If you think you can meet these criteria use the contact form to get in touch with Mangozac!