Space Ship Spear Prows

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Price: AU$16.00 per pack.
Postage: flat rate of AU$6.00, anywhere in the world for any number of packs.

I designed and built the Spear Prows back in 2011 as an alternative for the uglier prows found on some Battlefleet Gothic models. Very few found their way out into the wild however, since they proved very difficult to reliably reproduce in resin.

Due to popular demand I reassessed the moulding configuration and am now proud to announce that the Spear Prows are once again available! They fit both the Battlefleet Gothic Imperial or Admech cruisers. The Spear Prows are sold as a pack of three:

  • One blank
  • One with torpedoes and sensor masts
  • One with heavy cannon and sensor masts

The fragile sensor masts are provided on a separate sprue, ensuring that they aren’t damaged during postage and facilitating customisation of the models.

Spear_prows_2 Spear_prows_1

Spear_prows_3 Spear_prows_4

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