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Unfortunately, following deterioration of the original set of moulds, the Fiddler kit has been out of stock for some time. There are plans to do another run of kits, with a simplified design a lower parts count (in a bid to reduce cost), however it’s a matter of finding time to have these modifications made and the parts remoulded. I hope to begin looking at this in late 2015.

If you would like to be placed on a standby mailing list to be alerted of any news regarding the Fiddler kit please email me at mangozac@(this site’s domain).

Nicknamed “the Fiddler” (on account of its crablike body and having one weapon significantly larger than the other), the M-26a is a medium duty walking AFV. Its initial primary battlefield role of urban assault missions has in modern times been supplemented by mountainous desert deployment.


  • 7.62mm co-axial mounted minigun
  • 20mm M61A2 Vulcan gatling cannon
  • 30mm DC44c Autocannon
  • 3 shot missile launcher with 1 set of reloads. Missile ammo can be freely swapped between ATGMs, SAMs, and special purpose scout drone scattering missiles.
  • AMLD Anti Missile Laser Defense pod
  • Heavy duty winch
  • Manipulator arms
  • Active countermeasure deployment system
  • Aerial deployment/transport hitch
  • Fully enclosed cockpit

Alex Iglesias’ amazing mech design “The Fiddler” has finally been translated to resin model form! Standing 150mm tall and consisting of 91 resin and brass pieces, the Fiddler kit is pose-able and perfect for dioramas and “dynamic” modelling. This is a high quality resin model kit and includes 7 pre-cut brass rods for the weapons barrels.

The Fiddler kit is 1/35 scale. It is suitable for 28mm scale miniatures as a heavy mech, or 54mm as a light mech, corresponding to the scale from the original Alex Iglesias artwork.

This is a truly collaborative project, featuring the talents of the following people:

Original design: Alex Iglesias
3D model: Don Bradford
3D model printing prep: Chris Wallace

This will hopefully be the first of many such collaborations!

Original concept artwork by Alex Iglesias.
Rendered 3D model by Don Bradford.

Bare Resin Pictures:

Promotional pre-production kit painted by John Harrison:
(Please vote on his CMON page)

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