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Waste resin from process ideas for uses please..

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Waste resin from process ideas for uses please..

Postby Steve76 » Sat Feb 18, 2017 8:51 pm


I'm looking for some ideas on casting items.

At work I produce void free electrical grade components using epoxy and have filament wound or vacuum cast many components making silicone,plaster or machining metal mandrels or molds as required etc,whilst working within R&D labs using many experimental resin systems with nano fillers etc.
Cast components have either been filled or non filled resin but all cast under vacuum or pressurised under pressure during cure.
As part of one of my processes I have approx 10kg of waste resin a day from a 4 day process.
For years this has just been cured and scrapped as solid disks from the buckets

But I have just had to set up a new facility wighjn the company due to the R&D Labs closing and a few components I produce still being needed by parts of the company with no external source being found for our void free winding system.

I would like to use the resin for something else rather than waste it.
If left heated at 40°C this is good to use for several days after the job with no air bubbles

If left go off at 40°C it remains clear or golden
60 - 90°C amber - golden

The unfilled resin is MY750/HY906 with K54 catalyst and is waste from vacuum winding process.
I have use of heated autoclave capable of being pressurised for degassing casting and curing.
Along with lots of ovens

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