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War Games Factory - Samurai & Ashigaru

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War Games Factory - Samurai & Ashigaru

Postby paulson games » Tue Oct 11, 2011 8:07 pm

Wargames Factory is doing some plastic samurai and ashigaru, I like them quite a bit. They seem to be a step up from most historical minis. Perry minis does a lot of samurai but I've always felt they are a bit small for my tastes (25m) and they all seem a bit squashed for some reason and them seem rather fat for japanese guys. The wargames factory previews look better IMO and their armor and weaponry is spot on for the period.

I foresee that I will be buying a bunch of these to use as generic troops for Okko, maybe modify a bunch into undead troops that I need for scenarios.


They have a couple 3D renders on their site which is cool as you can rotate the views: ... ashigaru-3
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