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Here at Resin Addict we’re proud to bring you not only the best resource for hobby resin casting on the internet, but now also a selection of quality, boutique resin model kits aimed at the discerning wargamer and model collector alike.

Products in the Resin Addict Shop are divided into two main categories:

  1. Products being sold by Mangozac directly through this site.
  2. Products being sold by RA Collaborators externally (in shopping carts on their own sites or via email).

Co-Lab Projects
Resin Addict Co-Labs are collaborative projects between Resin Addict Collaborative Members. This provides a way for talented artists to be connected with those who are able to take the design to production. Only those who meet our stringent requirements are invited to be an RA Collaborative Member – look for the Co-Lab logo shown to the left for confirmation.

For more information on Co-Lab projects and current Collaborative Members please click here.


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Spear_prows_2 Space Ship Spear Prows

Posted by Mangozac on July 22, 2013

Price: AU$16.00 per pack. Postage: flat rate of AU$6.00, anywhere in the world for any number of packs. I designed and built the Spear Prows back in 2011 as an alternative for the uglier prows found on some Battlefleet Gothic models. Very few found their way out into the wild however, since they proved very […]

Fiddler 1 The Fiddler Mech 1/35

Posted by Mangozac on April 26, 2013

Nicknamed “the Fiddler” (on account of its crablike body and having one weapon significantly larger than the other), the M-26a is a medium duty walking AFV. Its initial primary battlefield role of urban assault missions has in modern times been supplemented by mountainous desert deployment. Features: 7.62mm co-axial mounted minigun 20mm M61A2 Vulcan gatling cannon […]

Welcome to the RA Shop!

Posted by Mangozac on January 18, 2013

Well it’s been a long time coming but the RA shop has finally been launched. As you can see we’re starting off with a pretty lean catalogue (just one item!) but over the following months this should expand somewhat! Stay tuned!